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let there be: DROPS


Buckle up for 36 of the filthiest beats you've ever heard. If pregnant, suffering from severe heart conditions, or fearful of significant heights, do well to avoid, as drops may be fatal. Side-effects include nausea, vomiting, loss of bodily function, and a socially intolerable flailing of limbs. Destinations: Rusko, Nero, FluxPavilion, Datsik, ZedsDead, and plenty of goodies that probably never graced your ears until just now.

23 tracks
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Wow! I think I just pooped a little! Had this mix playing in the background, as I was working, and then heard Goku build up a Kamehameha, and then Existance VIP at the drop! WTF! I feel soooo violated! Mad props dude!