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Minimalist inspiration


Playlist containing many songs with minimalist approach. Very calm and gentle, ideal for reading, writing, etc.

It consists of 20 songs from classical and contemporary composers including Arvo Pärt, Johann Sebastian Bach and Max Richter.

19 tracks
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This playlist is so far the best one I've found for doing essays. It's beautiful, but not distracting. Most classical or mainstream stuff is nice but too much for me to be able to block out. This just calms me down and lets me work. Awesome collection!

I've been listening to this playlist for every essay I've needed to do this semester, it's amazing, but there's one thing that is bugging me.
I can't find the piece "Song in the key of glass - Movement 4" anywhere other than here on this playlist, and I want it on my itunes like a fish wants water in a desert!
Could you help me out?