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"conquest not of men, but of the evils that beset them."


you're a prodigy, a genius, a visionary with a mind like a diamond and a heart full of ambition. you know your purpose, found something to believe in. you're not your father, wont be blamed for his mistakes. you've traveled the middle east, owned the city of new york. the only man who has ever beat you in a fight eventually lost his mind and his life by your hands because he knew you were right. you've risen above and beyond, created world peace. you've killed the old chaos in order to birth a brave new world. in the end, even the most powerful being in the galaxy looked at you like a god. so why does it feel like you've fallen from grace?

A mix for Adrian Veidt; the smartest man in the world.
A mix for Ozymandias; king of kings.

8 tracks
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