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"i've been a prisoner in my life long enough."


your mother vicariously lives out her glory days through you and you act like you don’t mind because you know it’s out of love. after all, the dreams she has for you brings to light a man. he's electric, translucent, omnipotent, far more than you deserve. the keene act is a blessing, but it's only a matter of time before the world starts turning bleak again. when he brings you to mars and shows you the truth, you feel even emptier than before. he's so far away now, but you did love him once. you loved him just as much as the new man you love now. and with a new life ahead of you, you two might just be able to make it work for good this time.

A mix for Laurie Juspeczyk; The Comedian’s daughter.
A mix for Silk Spectre II; Sally Jupiter’s daughter.

8 tracks
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