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"it's a joke. it's all a joke. mother forgive me."


society is doomed: you believe this with whatever amount of heart you might have left. you try to show them their mistakes, but only end up seeing your own. you fight crime, but because it’s fun. you loved her, but you didn’t know how. you caused some damage, but who hasn’t? they don’t buy it. you’re angry as hell, you’re drunk. when the government offers you a job, you accept because what the hell does it matter anymore? you keep all their secrets, you fight their wars as bloody as they ask, you do unspeakable things. you regret most of it, though you wont tell a soul. and when he comes to kill you, you smile because you're already dead anyways.

A mix for Eddie Blake; the destruction of the american dream.
A mix for The Comedian; the only thing that makes sense.

8 tracks
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