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Book Characters


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  • Houdini by Foster the People
    Gatsby - The Magician
  • Renaissance Girls (TV-BABY REMIX) by Oh Land
  • Mumford and Sons by Timshel
  • Chasing Rubies by Hudson Taylor
  • Deep in the Woods by Tennisinc
  • White Sea (mix) by "Cannibal Love"
  • Forever Young by Lucky Spin
  • Book People Unite by rumadornoo
8 tracks
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Gatsby - Houdini
The Mirabal Sisters - Renaissance Girls
Lee (East of Eden) - Timshel
Dorothy (Wizard of Oz) - Chasing Rubies
Lucy (Narnia) - Deep in the Woods
Kathy & John (In The Lake of the Woods) - Cannibal Love
Dorian (The Picture of Dorian Grey) - Forever Young
Mad Hatter - (Muse) Madness