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Crowley, King of Hell


Counterpart to
This too, is such complete crack. Crobby ship mix.

Cover art by me

  • King & Queen by Mr Tom
  • Your Soul (Official Song) by RHODES
    Get it? Because Crowley kidnapped Bobby's soul like he was Bowser or something and Bobby was his princess peach.
  • Petty Theft (Live by It's Good To Be King
  • The Bollocks Song by Eddie Adamberry
  • Despicable Me by Pharrell Williams
  • Looking for a queen by Jason Matts
  • I call the shots ( Produced by Sasu Poutanen) by Thee Apple Thieves
  • The Van'Dals by Bollocks
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  • Arms Of Persephone by Pawel Osmolski
  • The King Of Hell by Kealan Fitz
  • Broken Halo by antreilly
    I will forever believe that Crowley is one of the angels who fell with Lucifer
11 tracks
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