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Destiel Crack

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I know that I said my other mix was trash but this one takes crack to a whole new level.
Tracks including music by Bubbles, Paris Bennet, and Moonlight Matters.

Get In Line by The Barenaked Ladies
I'll Just Wait Here Then from episode 10x05
I Want You So Bad I Can't Breathe by OK Go

Other trash mix:

Cover art from:

  • My Boyfriend by Bubbles
  • My Boyfriend's Back by Paris Bennett
  • Boy Is A Bottom by noflashphotographypls
  • I Won't Say (I'm In Love) by Susan Egan
  • Angel by Shaggy feat. Rayvon
  • Trench Coat No Panties ft. Blayne n Smoove by C~leve
    I'm sorry I needed an 8th song and this was too ridiculous not to include. Just skip this one and get back to the good stuff. Well... better stuff
  • Come For Me Final by Moonlight Matters
    "I always come when you call"
  • Don't Ever Change by Tribal Knowledge
    "Don't ever change"
  • Get Down On It by Various Artists
  • Cherry Pie by Warrant
10 tracks
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@a smoll neurodivergent I rule with an iron fist and an eye for crack. This isn't even my worst one - that title belongs to my Dr Sexy playlist ... or myabe my PizzaManxBabySitter playlist ... I don't know. I make a lot of trash playlists: Thank you for your recognition of my trash creation abilities.