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Fandom Remixes


For a cosplay runway. Remixes of official soundtracks.

Fandoms include superwholock, the avengers, harry potter, tfios, LOTR, Percy Jackson, Hunger Games, Divergent, pokemon, and Star Wars.

  • Harry Potter remix by brandonheenan
  • Doctor Who (Dubstep Remix) by SP3CtruM
  • Sherlock Holmes Theme Remix by B.ShepSounds
  • Pokemon Theme Remix by composermax
  • Star wars remix by Raul Sardenberg
  • "Find You" Remix by Zed
  • Hunger Games Remix (unofficial) by Hamilton Music
  • One Rave To Move Them All (Lord of the Rings Theme Remix) by Tweaklab
  • Avengers Theme Hip Hop Remix (Prod Dj Abomination) by Dj Abomination
  • Carry On My Wayward Son (Remix) by Dalhke
  • Superwhoavengepotterlock by Bubles999
11 tracks
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