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"Hell's Switchboard; How May I Direct Your Call?"


Made expressly by inspiration of the dear @sometimesoxen who loves demon!meta as much as I do

  • Dial 666 by Night Beats
  • Geek Squad Theme by Evan Brau
  • Product Placement (feat. Beastie Boys) by Gary Stabler
  • Switchboard Susan by Bongwatermusic
  • Sylvia's Mother by Pramudji Winata
  • Telephone (feat. Beyoncé) by Lady Gaga
  • Don't Bother Me (Sonata) by Switchboard Of Souls
  • It's Me Again, Margaret by Ray Stevens
  • "Demon Dance," Surfer Blood by Mile Marker
9 tracks
4 comments on "Hell's Switchboard; How May I Direct Your Call?"

I've only just started this playlist and it's already on 'Dial 666'. Oh my god. This is perfect I'm dying. My inner fic writer is telling me to write things but my actual brain is telling me I'm writing too much already but I LIVE FOR THIS PLAYLIST OH MY GOD