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Mark of Cas or Mark of Cain?


The man marked by both heaven and hell. Demon!Dean/Cas playlist again ("Ughh not another one!"). Quel surprise.

I realize now that the graphic looks like a cheezy ad for a WWE smackdown or something but I don't care enough to make it better

  • Take Me Out (Franz Ferdinand) by ZinneBrussels
  • Marked Man by Mieka Pauley
  • Third Meditation by Richard C. Schrei
  • Touched (Slumberjack Edit)ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ by SLUMBERJACK
  • Torn Apart by Bastille
  • 01 Mark of Cain by Genie Verre
  • The King Of Hell by Kealan Fitz
  • Heaven by heaven
  • Miracle by Hurts
9 tracks
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