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Unbelievably Sad Destiel


Unbelievable because I hate sad songs

Cover art from:

  • Falling by vanessadcg
  • Stay by hurts
    This song plays and all I see is the crypt scene
  • 06 The Ballad Of Love And Hate by Nroberts44
    Please go make yourself infinitely more sad and look at the gifsets that go with this song which you can find here:
  • Sleeping At Last By Turning Pages by Desire020209
  • Heaven by heaven
  • If From Your Side Should I Depart by To The Fountains
  • Digging and Raking by Ryan T. Fosmark
  • Take Me Out by Franz Ferdinand
  • Prideful Eyes (no solo) by Thomas J Breznay
  • Endlessly by The Cab
10 tracks
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