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❝ your eyes remind me of oceans...


...and god, have i ever wanted to drown so badly. ❞

"i guess it was fair to his memory to let people see him as i saw him once: a numen, something so beautiful yet so unreachable to me. mine was a type of adoration that made me drop to my knees, and got me willing to free-fall into my damnation with closed eyes and a content smile. i had never felt so vulnerable in love before, but as soon as he held me in his arms... i was safer than i'd ever be. it was addicting, but it wasn't bad at all. i guess i was just full of greed at that time: i was young and my heart ached for love, but i wasn't aware. i knew i was searching for something, but i didn't know what that something was. but i found it, and he was...


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