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Here To Relive Your Darkest Moments


"I know all about baggage, sweetheart. I have enough of it to fill up a 747 and then some." —K. Bromberg, Driven

A playlist for Paige Lancaster, and (sort of) a late Christmas present for Stacey

  • Shake It Out by Florence + the Machine
    Self explanatory, this song generally encompasses Paige.
  • Who are you really by urla.javier
    Specifically about her attitude towards Ellie, especially at first.
  • I'm Just Left Alone To Cry by Servet Akar
    Generally angsty Paige in reference to what had happened in the past.
  • Eyes On Fire Blue Fondation by the past
    Her attitude towards cupids and of course, Ellie at first.
  • This is My City by Timothy Victor
    After they find out about Chandler and Brandon breaking Ellie out of the labs, leading up to her going to find them.
  • Oh! Darling by Florence + the Machine
  • In My Veins by Andrew Belle
  • The Hunted [Houndstooth] by DarkBeauty
    'The hunter becomes the hunted'
8 tracks
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