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- instrumental -


My 1st mix so please bear with me :)
A bit of just about everything instrumental I have - mostly soundtracks.
Got Hans Zimmer, Howard Shore, John Powell, some anime and game music... Some of these make me sad, some make me feel epic.. as I've said, it's EVERYTHING.

Cover: Bastion Soundtrack Cover by:

*edit* I had to remove a lot of tracks because they belong to the same composer :/ why is there a "2 tracks per artist" limit?

21 tracks
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@humptydumpring Hi! 1st: I am incredibly sorry it took me this long to respond, there is no excuse but me being forgetful and lazy ^^
2nd: Thank you very much for letting me know your opinion, I am really happy you like the mix and thanks for pointing out the song that stands out, I've decided I agree with you and have removed it from this mix :) hope the mix sounds smoother now without a sudden random non-instrumental song to throw people off ;D