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rivals (who are also gay)


For the past few months I've been working on a roller derby AU in which Sakura and Ino fall in lesbians while bruised and sweaty. I don't know if I'll ever finish the fic, but here's the playlist I put together for it. It's a playlist about how much Sakura and Ino care about each other and about how fucking hardcore they are (be they ninjas or derby girls). Playlist cover art by Ivan Slavinsky, title unknown.

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Your story sounds amazing!! I hope something happens to it if you want it too! Don't let anyone make you feel pressured to make it happen though, that's one of the nastier things about fandoms when it comes to fan fiction is the pressure when it comes to writing fic. Just the idea alone is wonderful and I'm so glad I got to hear it!! It's what Whip It could have been if movies let girls end up together!! I love them together. I went on a little mini rant on twitter because my friend said there was nothing there, which obviously isn't true. Their relationship is one of the most complex ones that came out of a series full of complex relationships series. But yeah, I really love your playlist! it totally fits them!