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Coachella 2010 - day 1


Indio, California. April 16-18, 2010. a lineup this amazing is best absorbed with 3 separate mixes, one devoted to each day of the festival. who's comin' with me??

13 tracks by 13 bands i'm hoping to see this year.

12 tracks
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Yeah Manners is the album I have. I'm not sure what's happening but I think the CD I have may have labeled them incorrectly... ahh!!! This feels like inception....

how weird... every source i've checked says it is 'Eyes as Candles' and not 'To Kingdom Come.' but, i found that there is a lot of confusion about the name of this song... apparently, earlier versions were named different things. 'To Kingdom Come' is a great song in its own right on the same album i got this track from, 'Manners' -- is that the album your version is from? thanks for the feedback! glad you liked the mix :)

Hey, just so you know the track you have listed as Eyes as Candles by Passion Pit is actually To Kingdom Come. Great mix by the way....