346 comments on music for the reluctant studyer by shinythings

Literally the best page stumbleupon has ever brought me to. Almost like I was spiritually guided here. This last has been playing through everything for the past 5 years. You created a real piece of beauty shinythings.

I've been using this playlist to study and write essays since my senior year of high school (I'm graduating college now). Still love it! Thanks so much for making it.

Come Thursday, this mix will have successfully gotten me through the second half of my undergrad. I'm taking it with me to the next level too!

@shinythings ....and now I'm listening to it over a year after graduating vet school. I'll probably keep listening to it as long as 8tracks is a thing! Nicely done!

I actually WANT to stay in the library and work on my paper...well, more than I wanted to two hours ago :)

Amazing playlist helps me to get down and write that essay ive been in the libary for 36 hours now so to say motivation was waining would be a fucking understatment