I'm a pretty easy going person. When it comes down to it I do what I feel I need to do to get by, and i try to stretch out an open hand to all those I encounter along the path to my destiny. I really enjoy working, preferably in an environment with a lot of people, because I feel like in order for me to feel fulfilled, I have to help people out and just interact with them. It can get a little hectic at times, but it is part of life. I am a pretty laid back person, will abide by the rules as much as is necessary, and make my own rules to cover the rest. I deal well under pressure, in my own opinion mind you, and I don't really get stressed out much. However, there have been times that I just let all the stress get to me and then freaked out.... I really want to find an outlet for my creativity. I have tried drawing, building, meditation, spiritual focus, music mixing, and many others... I want to find something that just flows for me like all great artists and so far music and art are the most "flowey". I have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and learning. I know a little bit about everything and I'm even lucky enough to be slightly more skilled in a few things. I don't ask a lot from my people. I ask that you are to me as you would have me be to you.

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