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Meanwhile at the Bar...

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Bit early for me, matey! I've been teetotal since 2000 anyway. All or nowt with me - didn't even have shampoo at my sister's wedding (or I wouldn't have done had the bitch invited me. Which she didn't. Moot now, she's dumped him. Wasted no time in taking up with someone else. Would have been 3 years on the 10th. What's that Foos track which ends "gone, gone and onto the next one"…? Pretty fair summarisation of my sister's love life; I'm not saying she's a slapper, but the garage could use a 'no parking' sign…). Wot's all this about a forum challenge, then boyo…? I likes a challenge. The 8Tracks website hates me, tho; won't allow me to even login using Chrome, and safest and Firefox just give me a spinning wheel thing on the homepage. 8Tracks insist Flash is blocked, no matter how much I tell 'me it ain't (I even resorted to 288pt Impact - message still not got!). It's my folks MacBook Pro and they think Flash is a) summat on a camera or b) an all-purpose cleaning fluid (well, my mum does at least). You know what almost-septuagenarians are like… fill me in anyway… X❤️X