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Obituary for a Dead Town

4 comments on Obituary for a Dead Town

You REALLY know how to put 'em together - THAT was AWESOME! Though I do feel like slitting me wrist now… I know a few I'd have had. Thanks for reminding me about Robb Johnson - I'd completely forgotten about him. It's been National Shite Day on repeat all week, so you've not really made me feel any worse - let's face it, fuck all could… love ya, ya mad fecker! X❤️X

Where is that by the way - Huddy…? Reminds me of Sheffield, down by the market there's a street that's nowt but boarded/shuttered-up shops…

Wot fuckin' forum challenge yer cockwomble…?! Not been able to get on the comp, see…? Feel like shite at the mo anyway. Not good at fora, have a tendency to get banned within a fortnight, if that…