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Tales of a Modern Day Icarus

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This is AWESOME, I'm just too feckin' tired! I'm no good with extremes of temperature; my birthday is bang in the middle of May, and it's just about right then. As Mum's late dad used to say "I'm as boiled as an old owl!" As an athenophile (or whatever you call someone who loves owls) I don't like to think of them being boiled at any stage of life… We never found out where it came from - wonder if the Elves know, they know EVERYTHING! He was in the RAF during the war - and a PoW between '42 and D-Day. Lung cancer got him in the end - a bitter irony considering he smoked his last ciggie in '44 then died of lung cancer 55 years later…

You must have thought my comment rather odd… the playlist time is given as 13 mins. Well Set The Controls is around 5 on its own… first 2 3m each. So that's 11… weird…

As it died after 2 tracks, I've DEFINITELY done farts longer than this playlist! 'Error loading track info'. Probably not your fault - I'm blaming 8Tracks anyway… I'm VERY impressed by what you've got, though; I simply don't have the library to do what I'd like to do - simply can't afford it! X❤️X