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8 comments on Mr. Orange & Mr. White

I've been procrastinating on my essay (abt how tragigay this movie is) and 8tracks decided to miraculously recommend this playlist the day that it's due and I'm honestly so emotional right now A+

ok i been listening to piledriver waltz, lay me low and one more yesterday all week bc i watched the movie recently and it made me remember this terrible terrible mix and how badly you hurt me god fckin you never leave res dogs hell do you

@juliagatsby OMH MY GOD that song is per f e c t. i'm so glad i could hurt you so bad (that's honestly the goal here) but dw i've hurt myself as well omf. NOPE you really dont. i was thinking about it earlier today lmao

@juliagatsby I know omg... this movie shattered my heart. (i have this terrible au in my heard that he wasn't a cop and they walked away ok and holding hands. kill me)