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tell him or nah ?


when you think he likes you back but he's too shy to tell you that he likes you and you feel like you have to tell him


that's my situation rn, if you think you can help me with that then pls comment below because i really don't know if i should tell him or not..
we're like good friends but only talk on facebook but i feel like i can tell him everything about me and we always have like really deep conversations..
sorry for that if it's too much information about me
ily ♥

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@trulykc you have nothing to lose, tell him how you feel, no matter how awkward this would be
i know how that feels but after he knew it i felt more confident :)
tell me if you told him ;) (good luck, it's not as bad as it seems)

this Playlist is seriously great, I'm in the exact situation you have described haha since it's summer and all I can't see him hopefully I could confess when school starts again