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I love jazz, kpop and all the tracks included here! This is perfect! I hope you could add some more songs to this playlist if you find more. Thank you so much, shr2121 - I am following you now and will check out all of your playlists. Have a wonderful day :)

@eunieshin Haha thank you so much for your warm comment ♥ I'll surely add more songs if there's anything greatly fit to this playlist. Btw is your surname Shin? cuz mine is Shin as well lol

@shr2121 Yeah, I am from South Korea as well :) Are you studying in Vancouver? I am studying near Seattle, too! That's so cool that we happen to be pretty close to each other. Are you studying there, going to college? How long have you lived in Vancouver, BC?

@eunieshin Haha I came to Vancouver 3.5 years ago to study in UBC :) I'm already 4th year student here and planning going back to Korea after graduation! It's very nice to meet you here! :D