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The Sinning Generation


Prance across the runway in designer clothing to some vain ass songs about money, etc.
Vanity, Greed, and the rest.

  • Fresh Off the Runway by Rihanna
    "You love it, then come and get it. I see you fuckin' with it."
  • Sweatpants by Childish Gambino Feat Jankins
    "Rich kid, asshole, paint me as a villain."
  • Lonely in Gorgeous by chococass96
    "And yet you are only able to love yourself..."
  • Money) by The Turntable Turnabout (Mystery Skulls
    "Money don't matter when you're hot, hot, hot, hot."
  • The Love Club by Lorde
    "Get punched for the Love Club, for the love club."
  • Lonely Hearts Club by Marina & the Diamonds
    "January to December, do you want to be a member?"
  • Come Around (Feat. Timbaland) by MatangiMusicⓇ
    "Milk and honey, smoke high-grade. Gold and diamond, gems and jade"
  • AWOLnation vs Lorde by Sail vs Everybody wants to Rule the World
    "Help me make the most, of freedom and of pleasure."
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