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In each story, it’s always the men: Poseidon, whose violation made her hair a nest of serpents; Perseus, whose sword split flesh and stole her gaze. No one ever speaks of her anguish, her loss, her fury. Medusa: voiceless before she was headless.

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Hey there! Nice playlist, thanks for uploading it!
Have you perhaps heard of Playmoss? It's the closest "8tracks like" website I could find, you can also upload playlists and tag them on there (the only thing is that you have to use a youtube or vimeo link). Wanted to tell you just in case you were interested! I'm Sabtael on there, maybe we'll meet and I'll follow you :)
(I'm copy-pasting this message everywhere as I save as many playlists as I can on Spotify so you might have seen it before)

This is absolutely amazing. The story of Medusa and the two-sided representations of her figure throughout history is a facinating subject. This playlist is wonderful.