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She is a girl who is in the possession of a porcelain mask. She says: I am quite beautiful behind this, but you are not privy. She claims herself as a girl with ancient teeth, as long as a huntress' knife. She says: It makes things quite easier to bite in the end.

And so, you figure she is a girl who has lived years beyond the skeletons in the grave. You ask: Are you the one who digs them?

Yes, she says. But she says this with regret.

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2 comments on DEATH AND THE MAIDEN

Wow this is absolutely striking and beautiful, very haunting and mysterious. Did those words come from something or did you write them? Because I would read a book about this so fast. This is purely wonderful <3

@Olivia-Elizabeth Thank you! As for the description, I wrote it. Though "the perennial sadness of a girl who is both death and the maiden" is a quote from Angela Carter in her The Bloody Chamber anthology.

@physionomiste Amazing, thank you! Have you ever considered writing a full piece about this? I would absolutely love to read it if you already have or plan to.

@Olivia-Elizabeth I write descriptions for all my mixes on the fly, so unfortunately, this is all there is. I think I would be interested in revisiting it to develop something larger, though. Thanks again. :)