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Oct. 5


Happy birthday again, my lovely Rhye~

This was kind of a challenge. I made note of all the music I know you like and scoured my huge music library. There are some songs that we've talked about, and songs by artists that you've said you liked. Most of them, though, don't have any special significance and are just songs I think you might like (I probably failed spectacularly. Forgive me!). It's also kind of long...oops.

Also, I wanted to add in some female singers for variety, but I actually don't know any that you like, so I had to guess. I tried similar genres to the male artists you like, but I could be way off.

I tried to keep my own tastes out of this, but I think I failed at that, too. I couldn't help including a few of my favourites. Hopefully you like at least some of it!

36 tracks
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