Is this playlist safe for work?


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ASJAHSJK THE FEELS! I'm in the process of reading A Wing and A Prayer, and this could not be a more fitting companion to it. The only reason I'm not screaming at the top of my lungs is because I'm at work right now, but "Thunder" by Jessie J almost made me lose my shit, that's how perfect it was!

@dwally Wing and Prayer was my insp for this tbh it's an amazing fic and HOLY MOly i am realy glad you enjoyed! Thunder is like one of my top songs for them it's so perfect!!!!!Thank You!!!!!!

@siblervolt Thank YOU for making my monday morning awesome! I am so glad someone recced that fic to me, it's one of the best fics in the fandom imho and what made me really fall in love with the Aerialbots <3