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Also @sicaletsbehappy thanks for the info, I hope that means it will come on sooner, but I really doubt it will be out anytime this year. Ughhh I'm so impatient though!! Helpp

@sicaletsbehappy I think as a whole, the episode was pretty good, a bit predictable, but it had some really good moments (Murphy pumping that heart was almost too much for me it was so funny) how about you?

Also @sicaletsbehappy are we going to have to wait until next January again for the next season? Do you know when it starts or how this works or anything? (I am not the most patient person and really hope January is not true)

Aww @sicaletsbehappy I missed you too other jonty buddy! ( I love that!) and yes I was so happy, I was just hoping they both survived until the end and then they made up and it was beautiful and I loved it! Also I had no idea about the other scene and now I'm so so so glad they didn't add that one in! That would've killed me! And yeah Monty saying they can be happy is all I ever hoped for to complete that moment

@panickingdiscogirl Yes I have! I've been waiting for your message, i missed my jonty buddy (yes I have named you my jonty buddy...) I honestly had tears in my eyes, I was so relieved they both survived (although they apparently shot two scenes, one where jasper lives and one where he kills himself... if that's true then thank god they chose the one where he lives) The hug was beautiful and Monty saying that they will be happy again ahhhhh

@sicaletsbehappy that makes me so happy! Yeah I was kinda pleased with myself for that one (even at a time of such disappointment in jonty) :)

@panickingdiscogirl Only one episode left! What are we going to doooo... I feel like we need to make a prayer circle for both jasper and monty so that they survive the last episode (although I have a bad feeling...)

Saaamee times infinity @sicaletsbehappy at first I was excited though that they were finally making up, but then... Well you know... (I made myself feel better by saying that in a way jas kinda screwed Monty, even if it was a literal screwdriver... But yeah, why can't we have just one good moment? The whole season has been nothing but heartbroken! Sniff sniff

@panickingdiscogirl Yes, I have. What did you think of the jonty scene? Honestly it broke my heart at first but then I got really angry because... well, you know. I just want them to have one happy moment is that too much to ask?? Argh