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alehouse rock...


Some of my favourite tunes from bands of the mid-late 70s UK pub rock scene (more info here: and here: and maybe one or two that weren't from the scene, but sound like they should've been. Apologies for ending with a track I've used before, but I am addicted.

Included are Brinsley Schwarz, The 101ers and Dr. Feelgood (pictured).

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btw, nice mix that opened my ears to this scene. got the sharp collar and the pork chop sideburns, and i'll fit right in.

why not! i'll bring burton and o'toole and make a proper night of it. we can get bladdered, bollocksed and properly brahms and liszt.

sounds grand. might as well let richard harris on board so we can also get stitched. the temper on that man.

aargh! 8tracks, what is the point of having 'view full size', when you've autocropped the sodding image?! apologies. but ugh.

that's changed recently though, right?! 'cause the picture on my non-restorative sleep mix isn't square, yet it can be viewed in full just fine.

Yep. But the style policy has been there for a while, 8tracks just likes square photos, something rectangular just goes straight over their heads...