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c'est ma vie et mes amis...


A prize mix for @cozy, for guessing the right answer to this:

I invited him to spend a day in my little town, chilling with me and my friends; you're welcome to come along too... we will be soundtracked by artists such as Jel, Gorky's Zygotic Mynci and Blockhead.

Photo is me, but in another lifetime. Back then, this would've been an allnighter, probably soundtracked by this:

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it is a bit lengthy, I didn't want to shortchange cozy on his visit. You're welcome back anytime though, mister, glad you're liking what you hear so far.

please don't get me wrong, it's not a criticism. You are one of the very very few djs that I think can make a mix 20+ songs and never get boring or feel out of sync. but my day was over at work (finally) and it was time to go.....

oh, yeah... I think knew what you meant, B. But, aww thanks :) I hope you enjoy the nightlife my little town has to offer whenever you get round to finishing your visit!

8) Everyone should receive a mixtape like this at least once in their lives...As for me, I just fell...REALLY HARD.

Which made it that much easier for me to bow to your greatness.
Way to get into my head, Psychic. <33333