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deja entendu: sounds of science edition


A small tribute to the great MCA... a man responsible for the musical upbringing of millions of people...
all tracks that have been sampled in some way by the Beastie Boys. 20 songs, including music from Led Zeppelin, Rahsaan Roland Kirk and Trouble Funk.

Thanks for the music, Mr. Yauch (and friends)... I owe you much.

20 tracks
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how many of these did you already know were the samples and how many did you have to research somewhere, I wonder?

I'll be honest, I knew about 8 of them off the top of my head... coupla others I kinda knew but had to check... and the rest, well - was invaluable, put it that way!

This is just blowing my mind. I'm going to call you the Groove Merchant, as you have the complete groove library. Sweet Jesus! ;-)

thanks mister, not sure I'm deserving of such a title though! I will, of course, be checking out your tribute mix very soon, it looks ace.