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escape to dubscape


just masses of reggae dubs, to send your [my] mind elsewhere...

25 tracks (1hr38mins), including artists such as The Twinkle Brothers, Mad Professor & Jah Shaka, and Half Pint.

If you REALLY want to be schooled, check out the-oddfather (, aproragadozo ( and eyz (, who all have excellent dub series.

pic is Rodigan playing @ Outlook 2011, by

25 tracks
8 comments on escape to dubscape

Oh man... we need to get together and make an ENDLESS Duewets dub mix... meanwhile i'll just put this on repeat. :)

sounds like a plan i can get down with! glad you're diggin my dub, but if you get bored, i highly recommend that Extra Special Dub Mix 1 over there --->

We, the giant collective brain of 8track mixes, have the urge for your cooperation on the Everlasting Dub Mix.

This much we can say is true.