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Yes, I'm back! Kinda!
Sadly that mix wasn't quite ready yet, pulled it, fixing a few things :O
I'm thinking of maybe joining up on a Duewet one of these days, yeah?

OH and If you're up for it, try my new mixblog Cassico Sound (only one online so far, more to come)

And sorry to bugger up your mix comments, just saying hi :)

you are buggering up nothing, sir! I'm glad you explained about your mix - I got worried that I scared you away with my comment or something!
Are you asking *me* to duewet?! That would be great! I do have three duewets in various stages of development at the moment, but what's one more, eh?
I loved your first Cassico Sound mix, very nicely done. Was that a remix of Push The Button, orr...? Never heard that before.

Swansea... Of all the gin joints in all the hamlets in all the world, it had to be Swansea. Here's lookin' at you, kid.