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7 comments on freewheelin'...

wow, look at all these comments! everyone loves sidekick. well, I'm in a bit of a jazzy mood today so I must be in the right place.

heh :) More than happy to supply you with the required jazziness, good sir. Looking forward to your November side B... it has Stott, and is made by Dim... cannot go wrong IMO.

even has a last minute vinyl rip of photek & pinch I think you'll dig too. :) whenever the time is right it'll be there for you.

you can say that's one big family of jazz-heads - hard & soft bop, standards, free wheelin'....

I still feel like a jazz novice too, mister Ogun, despite being a fan for most of my life... learning all the time, like you :)

the great thing about jazz is there's always nuggets to unearth - or hearing a track you've heard before, and suddenly it takes on a new life as time has passed....the panteon of jazz is
massive, and only gets larger to me after hearing so many great mixes on this site.

guys!!! what nice words up there! :) i'm late as usual to this party... and btw, y'all are definitely not novices!! the modesty i tell ya! goodness,.. well, i guess there's just so much out there. it's easy to feel behind sometimes

this is absolutely amazing, i'm loving this. it just feels perfect right now. i feel like it's pretty much what i would play if i were hangin by myself and just wanted to listen to some tunes. we're connected, sis, i'm tellin' ya! :P

reece and davis tracks are awesome... free wheelin' and, what d'ya know, it IS 'round about midnight :P thx so much for this!! what great company on a monday evening day!

I did, m'lady... so glad you liked this, but so you should've, since it was inspired by you! One day we'll terrorise some town somewhere together, I swear! <3

btw, I can not recommend that Johnny Griffin session highly enough - one of the finest hard bop sessions ever laid down, in my humble opinion.

aagghh!! awesome!! man, and i was JUST listening to mr. powell on my walk home tonight from the train... unbelievable!! i was having a hard time choosing betwen your 3 most recent mixes but now that i'm here... we're hangin'! <3)

and I'm glad you like the look of my latest output, I hope it proves enjoyable, m'dear. now, it's way past my bedtime - hope you enjoy the mix, lady!