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6 comments on kintsugi

so you know how there are those people in the world that have made your existence exponentially better simply because they are alive? ya, that's you. knowing that you are out there somewhere leaving your sacred mark on tunes and goons makes my heart smile and my spirit feel better about the world. i'm truly blessed to have fallen into the scope and purview of your talent, musical taste and impeccable word choice. may your Name Day be filled with grins, wins and many more incredibly delicious tunes. thank you Sidekick, 8tracks and my reality are both infinitely better for having you in it. brightest blessings. oh, wonderful mix too = )

haha, toons and goons. tbth i'm pretty sure this was penned before the db invite. however, I did swoon (again) after finding all the content. first time i've max'd my fiber connection too. dl'd all just over 15 mins.