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nerve damage

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Thanks for the support! I am but a young grasshopper with so much to learn. Especially from folks like you:) I am having trouble finding anything of yours I don't just love!

Two songs in and I already love this. Nearly had me with Young Galaxy, sold me with Baths. Also convinced me that I've been sleeping too long on the new Baths album and should get on it ASAP.

Did you grab it yet? You really really should! (shout if you want a dropbox link :)... I love it as much as I love Cerulean already, but it is so very different.

About halfway through it right now - holy shit. Super different in tone and texture but every bit as good I think, which is crazy considering how much I loved Cerulean. Thanks for catalyzing this, who knows how long it would have taken me on my own!

I'm sure peer pressure would've got you soon enough! Yeah, he must have got really moody in the period between his releases; the contrast between them is striking, but they both manage to be exceptional - that's quite a skill.