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risen from the grave...


"I am Dracula and I welcome you to my house. I must apologize for not being here to greet you personally, but I trust you've found everything you needed..."

16 menacing and melodramatic tracks of orchestral/film score/library music, plus a couple spooky of radiophonic delights thrown in for good measure.
Track 17 is an 18 minute long bonus, in which Christopher Lee recounts the story of an unfortunate couple whose carriage breaks down conveniently close to a certain castle in Transylvania...

17 tracks
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yeah, but that's offset by the poor little kiddies not ever being able to sleep when they visit gramps! So happy you liked this, thanks again for checking it out :)

Can I give you a hundred hearts? Been listening to this mix on repeat as I sit on the floor piecing together a Victorian style jigsaw puzzle, drawing on a nice smooth cigar, and sipping on hot chocolate. The perfect way to wrap up the evening. You've done a fantastic job putting this together. Thank you!! I don't want this night to end.

cigars and jigsaws?!... you are the coolest person i've never met! that comment coming from you is the highest compliment this mix could receive, thank you so much :)

I find it very odd.. that I found myself convinced to listen to such a wonderfully complimented piece, and yet unbearable that the Play Box did not work... :( I cannot be more dissapointed now, so in good terms I thank you, though i cannot hear a thing... I bet it is remarkable, with a big "BITE" to that one word!

oh no! umm... maybe a flash player problem, or something? well, i hope the problem is resolved soon and you can actually listen - it would be nice to know if it lived up to your expectations.

actually, after giving the site a break it finally played today!! xD I really loved this playlist, it lures me in beyond comprehension and leads me into a complete dark abyss, unknown to nature. :D awsome, awsome!! ^^

love the cover (quite the timeless look by the old hammer publicity dept.), and love the music. nice journey into the old studio horror realm. btw, have you ever seen that mess of a movie, Magic Christian - Mr. Lee as Dracula makes a wonderful cameo....

glad you enjoyed your time here, mister; thanks for the listen... and yeah, i have seen that film, though i had to quickly remind myself of the cast. second best thing ringo ever did ;) that film is like a passing of the baton from the old guard of surreal british comedy, the goons (sellers/milligan) to the new guard, the pythons. you're right, it is a mess, but a pretty wonderful mess.

i like my messy films - i dare you to try out 'sextette' - with mae west, keith moon and timothy dalton. now that's a horror movie.

well i, for one, cannot wait to hear whatever you use that for! and sextette is one of those films i've never got round to... maybe i'll be brave enough one day. though i expect i'll be having nightmares about mae west for weeks.