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ruff breaks bruv


inspired by (but quite different to) an awesome amen break-themed mix from @KatamariCore (stay tuned, it's the next mix)
Twelve tracks including music by Latent Notion, RAM Trilogy (x2), a cheeky little number from the Mad Dem crew, and ending with 2 from Dom & Roland, 'cause he's that good...

12 tracks
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Fuck me George Washington,I haven't heard Roni sizes name for a while.used to bounce off walls listening to his tunes used to get it from catapult in Cardiff that was yrs ago and there still there now so to is roni .all good.

I need a rewind on that Tune In drop! And Dillinja one of my all-time fave producers. They just don't make it like they used to.

did dillinja ever manage to take valve soundsystem to the states? sometimes it feels kind of pointless listening to his tunes on a home system, when you know what they sound/feel like coming through his own system. *sigh*... thems were the days

Not that I'm aware of. I believe moving that massive system across the pond would be a logistical nightmare. But if he ever does, I'm gonna be there!