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Something's Coming: a tribute to West Side Story


A mix honouring one of my favourite musicals; made up of different cast recordings and various cover versions (mostly jazz, I have to admit), it includes tracks from Oscar Peterson, PJ Proby and Tom Waits, as well as songs from the original Broadway cast, the movie cast, the 1985 Studio recording and the 2009 Broadway Revival cast.

Now only 26 tracks, because 8tracks suddenly decided there were 'more than 2 songs by Bernstein' (!!!!) 1hr40(ish)min running time.

26 tracks
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I have always loved this musical, I was thrilled when I was told in drama class we were going to perform it. I was Anita! Thank you for these lovely memeries xx

I feel kinda proud to be the one to introduce you to it :) It was hard to choose which versions to use for certain songs (especially Maria and Somewhere)... this one here wasn't such a wrench to leave out ;)

Haha! I see, it's on one of those painful "tribute" albums that were so popular in the 90's... Oh, and there's Phil Collins singing "Somewhere" too. He was on every one of them ;)