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soulkor: counteract catastrophe


For @soulkor - Merry chrimble, @WideDelicious comrade! Here's all the beats and glitches you should need for a slightly wonky, post-apocalyptic Christmas.

17 tracks, including Thavius Beck, Akira Kiteshi and theAudiologist.

17 tracks
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this mix is making me think my upcoming best of 2012 is woefully inadequate. so much great stuff I haven't heard!

ah, c'mon now... we all know that's gonna be a banger. Seriously though, you should get that Thavius Beck album. And Roel Funcken. I'll assume you've grabbed Aesop already.

I'm shocked! But also sorta honoured to introduce you to these sounds; the three I mentioned are some of my favourite albums this year.