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still falling...

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lurlean is rarely described as such... I think she deserves a little more attention... yep, these ladies do funny things to me too. thanks for the listen, as always :)

man, i've had a hell of a time finding any anita o'day. any other albums you can suggest? i'm gonna start with this time for two album... good stuff

that is a great album indeed. my favourites are 'pick yourself up with...' (you'll hear a cut from that in a bit) and 'anita sings the most', recorded with an oscar peterson quartet. lemme know if you have trouble finding 'em ;)

aw :) thx hon... man, that abbey lincoln track.. wow. i'm still amazed we both made mixes like this at the same time. damn! these tracks say exactly what i wanted to say; you got some jewels here. those horns in this track... omg.. so much feeling

glad to hear that! it is funny that our misery cycles have synced up! :) yep, that anita album hits the spot - some lovely classics on there.
anyway, shout if there's anything you want from this playlist; i MUST go to sleep, 'tis quarter to five... haven't a clue what i'm doing still awake.

i was wondering about that actually. rare i get to catch you!! sweet dreams my darling... i'm working on something for you while you sleep..

omg!! you're right! i can't believe we both thought of this at the same time!!! jeez, i can already tell, yours blows mine outta the water.. i'm always humbled by you. this is like a work of art compared to my preschool drawing. coming back to *press play* after i get my laundry outta the dryer :) another evening with sidekick.. (yes! *fist pumping*)

haha, shut up you! yours was excellent, it had great flow, and a lovely atmosphere; this isn't better by any means, i think it has a bit more of a bitter aftertaste than yours though. and maybe poorer sound quality! i any fist pumping in my honour is fully endorsed :)