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the monster in the wardrobe...


some stuff from the 80s and 90s...(maybe 70s too?)
thirteen tracks including music by mixes/songs/Fugazi" title="Search for mixes with Fugazi">Fugazi, mixes/songs/Gang%20of%20Four" title="Search for mixes with Gang of Four">Gang of Four and mixes/songs/Joy%20Division" title="Search for mixes with Joy Division">Joy Division.

13 tracks
6 comments on the monster in the wardrobe...

So much fun! and the closer was an excellent cover! the monster in the wardrobe is not so much a monster now, but rather a buddy-o with good taste in music :]

oh, and 00s cos i put a recentish mixes/songs/mission%20of%20burma" title="Search for mixes with mission of burma">mission of burma track on here too...