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the spread of sounds


twenty tracks that i wouldn't have found without my 8tracks friends... celebrating my 150th mix, and sharing great music :)

contributions from @pachanka, @danngo, @leiwandesk, @DJ_Dim_Mak, @bruce_e_k, @noknow, @tohellwith, @alin1618, @culturevulture, @weedies and @peacemaker ... youse guys are the bestest :) the lack of flow is all my own work.

running time: 1hr21mins58secs

18 tracks
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that's 'cause all of you people are chock full of awesome sauce yourselves! thanks for the congrats mister... if you sacrificed quality, like i do, you could also have 150 mixes ;)

WEG is sooo damn good. know that musta come from bruce... I'm pretty much a fool for not listening to them more.

thanks for the shout yo! with all these people inspiring you, it has to be good! and congrats on the 150! I'm almost to 100....

Congratulations on your 150th + cheers to sharing your fantastic-ness with the 8tracks community :} Here's to many more!