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yes, my goodness, yes!


To accompany my current Otis obsession... all soul and all men; mostly sixties and mostly southern. And a little Stax-heavy p'raps.

Included here are Don Covay, Johnnie Taylor, and, of course, The Big O himself, the King of Soul, mister OTIS REDDING! [crowd* goes wild / faints]


watch this - it has some boss clips and interviews, and won't be there for very long

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Dear Ms. S,
I went to the British Music Experience two years ago this month. As an American seeing the entirety of our history of soul music made me feel a little less homesick. Thanks soul sista!

A delightfully replayable nostalgic playlist! That brings back precious memories of vinyls blasting through the speakers of my parents & grandparents house! Love the mix and rambling thoughts of which rappers sampled what tracks, lol!! :)

I just love this kind of feedback, thank you :) I'm glad this could invoke some nice memories for you; thanks for checking it out.