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"Hey Hermann -- happy new year. The Vienna conference sucked, and not just because we once again didn't get to meet. (Well, mostly because of that.) Hope you're feeling better.

Here are the notes I promised you, plus a little Festivus gift to say goodbye/good riddance to 2016. Maybe one of these years we'll be in the same room at the same time. Till then--



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OMG this is like an AU of a slightly AU fic I'm reading -- it's called Anthology by irisbleufic and this is just so suited to Newt & Hermann... I can just imagine them now, Herman's snark and stubborn refusal to find this fond and amusing when he gets this mixtape in the mail, Newton's quirky sense of humor and possible drunkenness as he compiles the music for the mixtape-- and both of their lingering, unspoken, frustrated, agitated, admiring adoration for each other. So. Much. Perfect in a single mix I can't even. (Too many feels for this pairing)

Oh god, I can't even imagine Hermann's reaction to receiving this in the mail. I feel like he'd think the thought was sweet but then have a hard time reconciling the songs with his perception of Newt. I don't know, the fact that they didn't hit it off immediately when they did eventually meet makes me think they both had very different impressions of each other during this letter writing period. Anyway. I love this mix quite a lot, thank you for making it.

Thank you for the lovely comment! I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

I imagine this was Newt trying to really tone it down, too, like, maybe last year he *also* sent a mix CD (or a sampler from his own band) and Hermann was like, I tried to listen to your music but I got a migraine after 15 seconds? so this year Newt's like, okay, think about your audience this time, nothing harder than the Mountain Goats, don't startle him, don't get weird, okay, I can do this, and he mostly can, and then by the end it's the Pixies going I'D PUT IT ON WHEN I GOT LONELY WILL YOU TAKE OFF YOUR DRESS AND SEND IT TO ME.

Because Newt.