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a little lonelier but better


"taking a walk, lazy and blurred
through the shadows
i found a box of buried memories
happy times
like moving photographs
that caught her calling my name
her laughing through wine teeth
at something not funny but i chuckled too
not all our times were bad
flitting moments of impermanent comfort
a film in front of the fire
yet her always laughing through wine teeth
at something not funny and me tightening my eyes in detachment
i hope you’re okay
i just want you to be okay
clean your wine teeth
find someone who will laugh
at something funny
and fix yourself, as i just ran out of selflessness
and you changed the parts my tools could fit
take this box from me
and burn it in the backyard of your conscience
so we can part at the path
of our future dreams"

“Her red wine blues” by c.b.

9 tracks
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