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Follow the trail that links the tracks

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for the curious, had odd links floating around in my head for years here is how they fit together:

its my life - has dove cries; link to "when doves cry" cry reference to cry little sister. it’s a cover of the track from lost boys sound track. lead to echo's doors cover on that sound track - of a doors song - hence the doors mashup with blondie. rapture name of great blondie track - to the band rapture about pieces of people which lead to people are people to kmfdm which was once rumored to stand for kill mother f*cking Depeche Mode and their track name to the band gene loves jezebel - worth waiting for to a band with a great song the "wait" which i waited for for years for new music from that band-killing joke - joke to great smiths song - that joke isn’t funny any more from meat is murder cd (headmaster ritual is the first track and amazing) to well if not meat then candy - to the bow wow wow to a great cover by orgy off the "candyass" cd.